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Redbridge Cycling Centre

Important COVID-19 Information

Redbridge Cycling Centre has now re-opened for use. We are doing a phased re-opening so bike hire is only available when we do not have track bookings/events on (see below). Currently we only have mountain bikes for hire not road bikes and BMXs but we hope to be able to offer these for hire soon. We are also still accepting bikes repairs and servicing. Please read the guidelines below before visiting the Centre.

Opening times and information
The Cycling Centre is open 7 days a week – Monday to Sunday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Last entry for the cycling tracks is 4:00pm and last bike hire is at 3:00pm. To view full track bookings see our events and race page HERE.
Upcoming Track Bookings
Saturday 18th september – Lee Valley Yout Races- Full road track booked 9:00-12:30
Saturday 18th September – Chingford League races – Full road circuit booked 12:30-14:30
Sunday 19th September – FISS Championship – Full road circuit booked 9:00-17:00
Sunday 26th September – BMCR races – Lower road track booked 9:00-13:00
Sunday 26th September – Redbridge CC – Full road track booked 13:00-17:00
Wednesday 29th September – Army Cycling Union – Full road track booked 9:00-17:00

Covid Guidance & Updates

In order to enjoy your visit safely please read the following guidelines:

  • When visiting the centre please observe social distancing measures with staff and customers.
  • Please avoid using the toilets if possible and wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • We will only be accepting contactless payment or Apple Pay and will not accept cash.
  • If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self isolating you should stay at home and not visit the Centre.
Track Users

Track use will be limited to a maximum of 2 hours and customers must keep 2 metres apart from riders not from their own household on the track and in the Centre.

We will be limiting numbers to a maximum of 80 riders on the road track and 30 on the mountain bike track and we will require customers to provide their name at reception to enable us to monitor this.

  • On the road circuit we will require rides to keep to the left hand side of the track and only overtake on the right side of the track allowing a gap of at least 2 metres. On the mountain bike track overtaking is not permitted except on wider areas where it is safe to do so.
  • Allow sufficient time and space to riders in front of you and after overtaking do not ‘cut back’ in front of the rider.
  • Be considerate of other riders especially younger riders or less experienced riders. STAY ALERT – STAY SAFE
  • Come to the Centre dressed ready to ride as we are not opening changing rooms or providing lockers and once finishing your visit please leave the site promptly.
  • Users of the Centre should ride within your ability, don’t try difficult skills or ride too fast.Bike Repairs
  • Bikes should be brought into the reception area and placed in designated bike racks, where the staff will collect and disinfect after taking customer details.

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About the centre

Redbridge Cycling Centre is a facility for cyclists of all abilities, from families to competitive riders.

The Centre has purpose built road, BMX & off road tracks. We have a large stock of hire bikes including mountain bikes, road bikes, BMXs, children’s bikes, trailer bikes, bikes with child seats as well as number of adapted bikes for disabled users.

The Centre can also provide cycle coaching to groups and individuals from complete beginners through to experienced riders.

Cycle helmets must be worn at all times when on the circuit.

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