November 2019 • Vision RCL

Redbridge Libraries will partner with Kirklees and Newcastle Libraries to investigate if people’s attitude to death can change depending on where they live or their cultural backgrounds.

The project is part a continuation of the successful Final Party project run by Redbridge Libraries from October 2017.

The attitudes of people in Redbridge towards death are to be investigated in a wide-ranging research partnership involving Redbridge Libraries after they were part of a consortium that won a £50,000 grant from the highly competitive Engaging Libraries Programme.

Redbridge Libraries will build on their work as a ‘Death Positive’ Library service work with Kirklees in Yorkshire and Newcastle in the North East to investigate if people’s attitudes to death change depending on where they live, their cultural backgrounds or both. The project will engage the public through interactive installations, death cafés, panel debates and workshops in local hospices.

Almost half of all UK library services applied to the Engaging Libraries programme, which is run by The Carnegie UK Trust, Wellcome and the Wolfson Foundation. It brings vital research projects at universities into the heart of local communities, using libraries to encourage and share learning.

Gareth Morley, Head of Culture & Libraries for Vision RCL said:

“I’m delighted we’ve been selected for additional funding to develop and deliver this ground breaking and valuable project. Vision has been leading the way for the last few years and we are proud that the UK’s first death positive library service started in Redbridge.

Tickets for the Afterlife will enable residents to engage with the sensitive subjects of death, dying and bereavement within the safe and supportive environment of their local library and take an active role in shaping future research in this area. This bold, creative and ambitious project demonstrates the power of libraries to engage the public on a range of issues facing society, particularly those that are challenging and difficult.”

Sarah Davidson, CEO of the Carnegie UK Trust said:

“Engaging Libraries is all about giving people the opportunity to access, use and respond to research. Libraries have a unique position as trusted, safe spaces at the heart of our communities, and this programme is designed to help people explore new ideas and even play a role in influencing research.

The process will also give university researchers a great opportunity to make connections between their ideas, research findings and the knowledge and experiences of local communities. We are really looking forward to working with all the winning projects.”

The 14 projects selected to be part of Engaging Libraries will undertake a development period of up to 6 months, supported by the Engaging Libraries team and a bespoke programme of events and workshops to further develop and refine their project ideas before launching their activities.

Foxburrows Farm is urging the public to keep its eyes peeled following a break-in at their farm that resulted in the theft of several animals.

Jasmine – the farm’s Shetland pony, along with a rabbit, peacock and peahen were all discovered missing following the incident on Sunday 24 November, which also left many of the other animals distressed. Staff from the farm, based in Hainault Forest Country Park, are now appealing for the public’s help to find the animals.

Kevin Wackett, Head of Parks & Open Spaces for Vision said:

“Our Forest Rangers have been busy repairing the damage caused to the main gate following the break-in, as well as co-ordinating the many enquiries of help we have received to try and locate our missing animals.

We have been inundated by hundreds of offers of help, for which we are thankful.

The main help the public can now give us is to be vigilant. If Jasmine, or any of the other animals, are spotted please report it to the police immediately.”

For further details and updates please visit the Hainault Forest facebook page.

For other enquiries or to contact the Forest Rangers please visit the facebook page or email

Foxburrows Farm and Hainault Forest is a public open space managed by Vision RCL on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge.