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Credit: Community Leisure UK

Why Charitable Trusts are great!

Here’s a quick summary!

Charitable Trusts come in all shapes and sizes.

But they all have two things in common. To do good and make things better. 

Your Local Leisure and Culture Trust is no different.

They help make your community better because as a charitable organisation they are set up to do good.

Every penny they make goes back into local facilities like gyms, pools, parks, museums and libraries.

Or to create new programmes communities want and need like health walks, concerts or programmes to keep us all fitter as we get older. 

This cross-subsidy approach distinguishes the model from other public leisure services because profit generating activities subsidise non-profit generating activities such as health, library and outreach programmes.

And with a combined turnover of £2 billion* a year – that’s a lot of money going back into the local economy.

It also enables income from users who can afford to pay to be ring-fenced to subsidise access to activities.

Trusts don’t have shareholders and they are NOT private businesses.  

You might not have even heard of them. Yet people visit their facilities 414 million times every year.*

They work in partnership with local councils, they listen to communities, they are transparent. Each trust delivers slightly different programmes which reflect the need within the community. And it’s not just councils our members partner with. Partnership working is part of their DNA and our members work with health partners, social care partners and other third sector organisations and charities.

And they are run by board members from the local community.

Agile and flexible trusts are able to adapt and diversify to create resilience, highlighted by the diverse and ever expanding portfolio of our members.

Every year Charitable Trusts like us help improve people’s health and happiness with an estimated combined social value of £1.5 BILLION!**

About Charitable Trusts

All members are leisure and culture trusts and are either registered charities or registered charitable societies. 

Trusts do not distribute profit and instead reinvest every pound generated into the provision of quality leisure and culture services and facilities. Trusts are rooted in the local communities they serve, with specific services designed and supported through the cross-subsidy model to support those in most need.

Community Leisure UK members’ manage facilities including: swimming pools, libraries, museums, pitches, gyms, ice arenas, beach fronts, parks, heritage buildings and children’s centres. Importantly, members deliver vital community services such as exercise or books on prescription, short breaks for disabled children, adult social care support programmes, walking programmes, internet access courses, apprenticeships and training, and sports participation programmes.

As a members’ association, Community Leisure UK is responsible to its members and an appointed Board.  The Board is made up of member trust Chief Executive Officers or Managing Directors who are democratically appointed by the membership.

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Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure are proud to host Women’s History Month. An opportunity to celebrate equality and diversity of women within the Redbridge community.

We also dedicate this special time to look back and honour the many achievements of women throughout history right up to the present day.

Throughout the month of March Vision RCL aim to bring all women together with their programme of social events. Here are some of the activities you can get involved in:

We have an extra special addition for International Women’s Week. Join Redbridge Drama Centre as we celebrate stories about, written, directed and performed by women, with our fantastic programme of theatre productions. Book 3 or more shows in International Women’s Week and get tickets for just £7.50! See here for more details on International Women’s Week.

See here for the full Women’s History Month programme.

So please come and celebrate with us, we are looking forward to seeing you all!

Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure are proud to host LGBT+ History Month, an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.

Throughout February Vision RCL services dedicate time to celebrate and promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the Redbridge community. In support of the celebrations Redbridge Council will also be raising the LGBT+ flag at Redbridge Town Hall in Ilford.

Redbridge Libraries are the main contributor and coordinator of the programme, this year events include an exhibition, creative workshops, a comedy night and an advice session with local group Positive East

You can also join Redbridge Libraries online with an LGBT themed book chat, social media platforms and Virtual Library in celebration of this year’s theme Politics in Art: `The Arc is long’ The theme references art in the national curriculum and is an opportunity to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of LGBT+ activists and artists.

Redbridge Museum are offering a children’s craft activity, Brilliant Badges – a mix of craft and activism creating peaceful protest badges from home. The Museum are also collecting stories from LGBTQ+ Redbridge community, from anyone who lives or have lived in Redbridge, identify as LGBTQ+, and have photos, films, clothes, items or memories to share.

The Redbridge Schools Library Service have curated a special collection of recommended reads for LGBT+ History Month including well-known authors such as Jacqueline Wilson, Bali Rai and firm favourite of Redbridge children, Malorie Blackman. Books from the collection can be borrowed from Vision’s fantastic Virtual and physical Libraries which give library members free access to thousands of books, audiobooks and magazines.

Library members can also watch films and documentaries through Vision’s entertainment platform Kanopy which includes a specially curated LGBTQ collection of films, including World Cinema, drama, comedy, romance and foreign language, ranging from independent and award-winning films and Hollywood blockbusters.

For more information on LGBT+ History Month visit the LGBT+ History Month page.