March 2022 • Vision RCL

Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure have joined together with Parks for London and 16 other organisations including the Mayor and nine local councils to launch a new campaign, ‘Clean Parks for London’, starting this April 2022.

Led by Parks for London, an independent charity and Centre for Excellence for green space management, the pan-London campaign aims to tackle this unsightly and costly problem by encouraging park users to be part of the solution, by simply taking home what they bring with them.

Litter’s heavy cost

The cost of litter collection and disposal for London’s parks and green spaces alone is estimated to be in the region of £14.8 million per annum, based on results from Parks for London’s recent survey of London’s local authorities. This figure is likely to be upwards of £16 million when considering the costs incurred by other landowners, not to mention the indirect costs associated with impacts on business activity and tourism from sullied environments in badly littered areas.

Beyond the financial toll, littering has environmental and public health implications too. Litter disposed with bin waste cannot be recycled and either ends up in landfill or is incinerated, becoming a source of environmental pollution affecting water, soil and air. Improperly discarded litter not only attracts vermin and can spread diseases, it can also find its way into waterways, rivers and oceans, harming wildlife, people and ecosystems.

Research shows that high levels of litter can make people feel unsafe and dissuade them from enjoying public green spaces for among other things exercise and stress relief, thereby undermining their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Rise of litter

During the pandemic, people turned to their local parks in droves for exercise or solace and relief from stressful situations. However, this increased footfall led to unprecedented levels of litter and waste, putting an additional strain on already stretched budgets and manpower. Keep Britain Tidy’s 2020 survey of over 100 local authorities in England revealed that 81% had to increase spending to keep litter in check.

Given that untidiness in public spaces itself can cause further littering and other anti-social behaviours or crimes in what researchers refer to as ‘the spreading of disorder’, interventions that reduce littering by the slightest amount could reap big societal benefits.

Taking down litter

As the spring holidays approach, London’s landowners and managers will be gearing up for increased parks visits and a corresponding rise in littering. Despite differences in how littering is managed and enforced within their managed spaces, partners will progressively adopt a unified message on litter under the ‘Clean Parks for London’ campaign starting this spring.

This campaign builds upon Parks for London’s active work on litter and waste management where parties with an interest in reducing litter within their parks and green space have come together to discuss localised litter issues, share best and innovative practices and strategies, with the aim of reducing litter and associated costs and changing public behaviour towards litter.

Tony Leach, Chief Executive of Parks for London, said:

“We all love using our parks when they’re looking clean and tidy but seeing litter spoils it for everyone. Littering is antisocial and puts people off using parks. Clearing up litter costs time and money, and who pays? Every person who pays council tax pays for litter clearance. Wouldn’t you rather see that money spent on making your parks better? We hope that this campaign will encourage more and more people to take responsibility for their rubbish, so that the money saved from litter collection and disposal can be better spent on park improvements. Please be an influencer and take your rubbish home, thank you.”

Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy, Shirley Rodrigues said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the vital importance of London’s green spaces for Londoners’ health and wellbeing. Litter not only directly impacts people’s ability to enjoy our wonderful parks, but also affects wildlife and pollutes our waterways. It is everyone’s responsibility to respect these fabulous spaces. The simple act of taking litter home and disposing of it responsibly means we can all appreciate the benefits these spaces provide.”

See our Volunteer in Redbridge Parks page for more information on how you can help.

During the Easter period our leisure centres, libraries and other centres will have different opening hours. To find out more information on opening times, please see below or visit the individual centre pages.

For more information on our Easter Holiday activities view the Children’s events page.

Parks & Open Spaces

All of our parks and open spaces remain open as usual.

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The presently redundant parks greenhouses, adjacent polytunnel frames and outbuilding within the 18th Century locally listed walled gardens of Ray Park have become available. They provide an excellent business opportunity in a beautiful location, for a community focused organisation to develop an organic market garden scheme.

Interested parties will be required to submit a business case proposal demonstrating their experience in organic market gardening and community engagement, how they would operate and manage this facility within the Walled Gardens and how they will add social value.

Please note that the successful organisation will be fully responsible for the lease and the costs within the licensed area. This includes all ongoing costs relating to business rates, utilities, building maintenance, service contracts, relevant public liability and contents insurance.

The successful organization will also pay one off legal and property professional fees likely to be £1,200.

All submissions will be evaluated against a strict criteria. The criteria is based on a price (60%) / quality (40%) model looking at the following areas:

  • Business experience
  • Experience of working in a park environment
  • Knowledge
  • Suitability of the proposal to a park location
  • Social value
  • Viability
  • Sustainability

From a social value perspective, the proposal could focus on things like how they will engage with park users and volunteer/ friends groups, how they will improve the usage of the Walled Gardens, how it will improve and develop new skills and employment, how it will support events or make a positive contributon generally to the community, and how it will reduce crime or additionally any other social value impacts that could be put forward.  

To register your initial express of interest or have any enquiries please contact:

Claire Bidder, Business Support Manager at Vision RCL on Tel: 020 8708 3141 or email  

An information pack consisting of a list of questions and answers will be developed, along with a detailed information sheet will be provided. A tour of the site will also be available.

Submissions of proposals should then be emailed to Claire Bidder  on email by 31 March 2022.

The evaluation panel consists of the Business Manager, Operations & Grounds Maintenance Manager and Head of Parks & Open Spaces. We will announce the results on 30 April 2022 and all successful and unsuccessful parties will be notified and given the opportunity to receive feedback if they so wish.

Redbridge Libraries today announced that the Wanstead Village Directory and South Woodford Village Gazette will be available on PressReader, the digital platform which allows library card holders and leisure centre visitors to access thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world. PressReader forms part of the Virtual Library offer within Redbridge Libraries, and adding the Wanstead Village Directory and South Woodford Village Gazette is expected to become a welcome addition to local residents. Anyone using a Vision RCL service to access PressReader will automatically see the publications.

Photo of the publications in Pressreader

Tom Blackwell, Innovation and Project Manager at Vision RCL said:

We are delighted to be adding local publications such as the Wanstead Village Directory and the South Woodford Village Gazette to our Virtual Library service. This is the first step in making local content more widely available on PressReader.

The magazines’ editor, Lee Marquis said:

“In 2022, the Wanstead Village Directory and the South Woodford Village Gazette celebrate their 16th and 30th anniversaries, respectively. Over those years, both publications have grown to become a go-to resource for the communities they serve, with more copies printed and delivered to homes now than ever before. Having our publications available on PressReader is another exciting step forwards in expanding our readership, and we look forward to contributing local content to the platform,”

If you would like access to PressReader, you can:

The Wanstead Village Directory and the South Woodford Village Gazette will be available immediately. Click here to access PressReader.

After cancelling the original production within days of its opening night, Bugsy Malone will finally open at Kenneth More Theatre in March. Based on the 1976 film written and directed by Alan Parker, Bugsy Malone is a fun family musical with a cast of young actors. The cast were rehearsed and ready to perform when the pandemic struck, closing Theatres around the country and bringing the production to a halt in March 2019.  

Two years later, rehearsals are in full swing and the production is ready to go. Directed by Gemma Eves (Creative Development Manager) and Chris Bocking (RDC Technical Manager), the cast of ranges from ages 8 to 16 years. ‘We’re thrilled to finally be performing this fantastic show’ says Director Gemma. ‘We have a fantastic cast of talented local young actors, and this is an amazing opportunity for them to play with live music provided by Redbridge Music Service‘. 

Rehearsals took place over the February half term at Redbridge Drama Centre, where cast spend four days learning scripts, choreography and songs. ‘My daughter loves every minute spent at the Redbridge Drama Centre’ says parent Jaynne, ‘so when the opportunity to spend all of half term there arose, she jumped at the chance. The creative team know how to bring out the best in their young performers, and with a proven track record behind them, I have no doubt that Bugsy will be another success. To put together a full scale production in just a week is proof enough of the hard work and dedication that goes on at RDC.’ 

The production is presented by ‘Redbridge Creates’ – a hub for the creative strands across the Redbridge Drama Centre, The Kenneth More Theatre & The Redbridge Music Service. The focus of the hub is to nurture local performing artists and provide a performance platform, bringing affordable high quality theatre to the community. Redbridge Creates’ previous productions include The Little Mermaid (August 2021) and Oliver! At Sir James Hawkey Hall (April 2019). These productions are a fantastic way for Vision to showcase the talent of the young people across it’s services.  

Tickets are on sale now!
Full Price £16.50, Concessions £14.00, Family Tickets £56. .