Ballet Theatre UK are taking Redbridge on a adventure along the yellow brick road • Vision RCL

Ballet Theatre UK are taking Redbridge on a adventure along the yellow brick road

Join Ballet Theatre UK as we follow the yellow brick road and discover all the wonders of Oz in this two act, full-length, ballet adaptation of the iconic tale by L. Frank Baum, told through the magic of classical dance. Set to a classical score which brings the story to life, this production is family friendly and is the perfect way to introduce children to the classical ballet. 

About Ballet Theatre UK: A Decade of Inspiring Performances and a Vision for the Future

The inception of Ballet Theatre UK was driven by a noble vision – to create a platform where gifted young dancers could showcase their talent in the highest quality of ballet performances across provincial theatres throughout the UK. This initiative aimed to make the classical art form accessible to audiences who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience live ballet.

Over the years, the Company has grown exponentially, now engaging more than 20 hand-selected dancers from around the globe each year. The past decade has seen Ballet Theatre UK carve out its place in the dance industry, earning recognition for performing new works of the highest calibre nationally and internationally.

As they celebrate their ten-year anniversary, their future direction is crystal clear. Ballet Theatre UK aspire to continue being recognised as a high-quality bespoke ballet company that captivates global audiences with modern adaptations of iconic classics. Their commitment is to raise the bar in quality, offering nothing but the best in British Ballet.

Their journey over the last decade has been one of inspiration, dedication, and passion. Each performance is a testament to the hard work and talent of our dancers and the unwavering support of our audiences. As they look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Join Ballet Theatre UK on this journey as they continue to bring the magic of ballet to stages across the world.

Experience their talents first hand as they bring Wizard of Oz to the Kenneth More Theatre on Sunday 4 February, be sure to book your ticket now to avoid disappointment.