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Bike Maintenance

Redbridge Cycling Centre are able to offer a range of repairs* on site carried out by a qualified Cytech bike mechanic. We also run regular bike maintenance courses to assist you with the ongoing servicing of your own bike. *Due to time constraints we are unable to carry out repairs on suspension systems.

Standard Repairs

  • Puncture Repair, including new tube £10
  • Wheel Tru-ing (subject to wheel condition) £12
  • Gear Adjustments, using existing cables £6
  • Gear Adjustments, with replacement cables £18 for both, £10 for single
  • Chain Fix or Fitting £5 (not including new chain)
  • Brake Adjustment with existing parts £6
  • Brake Adjustments with replacement cables £18 for both, £10 for single
  • Brake Blocks Fitting £8 for both, £5 for single (not including blocks)


Basic Service – £25

  • Full Safety Check of bike
  • Check and adjust gears and brakes
  • Check and inflate tyres

Full Service – £50

  • As Basic Service plus…
  • Check and adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket
  • Replace brake pads (if required)
  • Lubricate all cables, and replace if required
  • Lubricate chain and gears
  • Test Ride

Please note services exclude cost of parts