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Barkingside Recreation Ground

Barkingside Recreation Ground, Mossford Green, Ilford,
Opening Times:

Children’s Play Area

Cricket Pitches

Football Pitches

Outdoor Gym

Tennis Courts

Stone with Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust silver emblem

Barbecues are not permitted at any of our parks and open spaces.

About the park

Barkingside Recreation Ground entered into a deed of Trust in 2012 and is now formally known as Queen Elizabeth II Field Barkingside Recreation Ground. It has a traditional playground and a natural play area which is very popular with children of all ages. It has various obstacles and apparatus that cater for all children with different abilities. At one end is fenced–off equipment, including swings and climbing frames and at the other side is an open play area with hills and ropes between trees to walk, new equipment (tyre swing, wobble dish) that can be used by children of various ages and abilities, and a quiet area with boulders and trees.

Park at a glance

Outdoor Gym equipment

Outdoor Gym

Barkingside Rec features an outdoor gym which is free to use and fun way to stay way to stay active whilst getting some fresh air. By using the outdoor gyms frequently this will enable you to maintain/lose weight, strengthen your body, increase your fitness levels and improve mental wellbeing.


Thanks to funding from LTA and the UK Government renovation of tennis courts in Redbridge Parks is underway with some nearly completed.

Cost to hire the courts:

  • Monday – Friday up to 12noon – FREE
  • Monday – Friday 12-5pm – £2.50
  • Monday – Friday 5pm to closing & weekends – £5
woman playing tennis
empty car park

Car Parking

Car parking available at this site, payment via RingGo. No cash payments accepted.

Motorcycles can park for free provided they are parked within a bay.

Vehicle entrances are located on Melbourne Road, Perth Road and Cranbrook Road.

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