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Manford Way Open Space

Manford Way Open Space, Manford Way, Chigwell,
Opening Times:

Barbecues are not permitted at any of our parks and open spaces.

About the park

Manford Way Open Space is a small green space situated in Chigwell with play facilities for children.

Park at a glance

MUGA at Manford Way

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

The multi-use games areas may be used as single or multiple court areas.

The most commonly played sports on multi-sports games areas are netball, basketball, football and hockey.

It is free to use on a first come, first served basis.

Outdoor Gym

Manford Way Open Space is one of the eleven parks within Redbridge to have an outdoor gym.

Equipment available:

  • Spin bike, Leg press
  • Lat pulldown, Shoulder press
  • Cross trainer, Plyometric box x 3 – like box jump
  • Dip bars, Leg raises/dips
  • Hand bike

We have a short video on outdoor gyms which includes short demonstrations on how to use all of the equipment safely, for more information please visit:

Manford Way Outdoor Gym

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