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Do you ever feel that there is something inside you?

Something very old, that will come out one day.

During the British Raj, to meet the world's insatiable desire for blue, vast swathes of the Bengali countryside were given over to the cultivation of the indigo plant. The atrocities committed by British planters triggered an extraordinary revolution that changed Bengal forever.

1859. A field in Kanaipur, Bengal. Life-loving Sadhu Charan, an indigo farmer, is newly married to Kshetromani, a woman with visions of the future. At first, all is idyllic. But when the new British Planter, Rose, arrives, full of strange desires, the creeping malignancy of the indigo system begins to strangle their happiness…

Can't you hear the footsteps all around?

The Indigo Giant is coming!

Born out of a dialogue between British and Bangladeshi theatre makers, INDIGO GIANT is a gripping, haunting new drama inspired by Dinabandhu Mitra's trail-blazing INDIGO MIRROR, a play that shook colonial India.

Presented by Komola Collective

Written by Ben Musgrave

Produced, Dramaturgy and Lyrics by Leesa Gazi

Direction by Gavin Joseph

Design by Caitlin Abbott

Music by Sohini Alam and Oliver Weeks

Lighting by Nasirul Haque Khokon

Komola Collective are an award-winning arts company dedicated to telling stories from women's perspectives.

Content warnings: Suicidal thoughts,  Sexual harassment, Violence

Supported by Arts Council England, Charles Wallace Trust, University of East Anglia & Redbridge Drama Centre



Ages: 14 to 100