Expression of Interest - Tennis Coaching Provider • Vision RCL

Expression of Interest – Tennis Coaching Provider

Job Role: Tennis Coaching provider to Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure (Vision RCL)

In 2023 The London Borough of Redbridge commissioned a huge renovation of tennis courts in Redbridge Parks as part of the LTA parks renovation fund. As the Council’s Leisure and Cultural delivery partner Vision RCL are now inviting applications from Level 3 or above tennis coaches to provide a comprehensive, community focussed tennis development programme and tennis coaching service on any of the following Tennis courts at Redbridge Parks:

LotsParkNo. of Courts (none are floodlit)Maximum hours
Per week
Annual Minimum
cost expectation*
Lot 1Barkingside Recreation Ground125£500
Lot 2Barley Lane Recreation Ground250£1000
Lot 4Elmhurst Gardens250£1000
Lot 6Loxford Park250£1000
Lot 9South Park250£1000

*The minimum cost expectation is an annual sum that would provide you with the maximum hours stipulated per week, paid quarterly in advance – there would be no additional court charges required.

All courts are porous macadam, fenced and gated and in some cases there are ancillary facilities available to tennis e.g. toilets, café, storage

You may submit an application for 1 or multiple Lots and a contract will be awarded for each Lot.  This will be a competitive tendering process – value for money and community focus will be evaluated. The award of the Contract for each Lot will have a weighting of 70% price and 30% quality.

Vision RCL will be responsible for the maintenance and refurbishment of the courts


  • To deliver a community focussed tennis coaching programme.
  • All coaches operating on sites must be appropriately insured for the delivery of their programme and this must be evidenced in advance.
  • The appearance of the coach must be acceptable which includes having appropriate tennis attire and footwear and must act in an appropriate manner at all times that reflects positively on Vision RCL & London Borough of Redbridge.
  • To develop and deliver an effective, inspiring and sustainable community tennis programme for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Coaches must leave 50% of the courts available for public use at all times, unless prior written permission has been obtained from Vision RCL. Subletting of court time will not be permitted. (Barkingside is a single court so this does not apply however not all court hours can be used at a weekend).
  • To provide 1 hour of Barclays Free Park Tennis per week, per site either coach or Volunteer led, delivered on a Saturday or Sunday from 10-11am, provides equipment for all and is free of charge to participants.
  • To provide coaching programmes for the community using the following approximate ratio: 70% groups & 30% individuals/privates.
  • To book out the courts required for sessions using the Tennis in Redbridge Clubspark venue pages (admin access will be granted) and use your own Clubspark Coaching account in order to manage all coaching sessions.
  • Provide all necessary equipment to deliver both group and individual coaching. 
  • Exclusive coaching rights will be awarded per site so that no more than 1 coaching provider will be able to operate from each site.
  • To undertake regular checks before and after sessions of the courts and carry out day to day upkeep which includes keeping the courts in a clean, safe and tidy condition.  Six-monthly risk assessments to be carried out.
  • The courts must only be used for tennis, no other use is permitted without prior consent.
  • All promotional information on tennis coaching must be displayed in park noticeboards and be kept up to date.
  • All income from coaching will be retained by the Coaching provider and all income generated through court bookings belongs to Vision RCL (this includes Pay & Play and any membership scheme that is implemented). Vision RCL are responsible for setting the fees for hiring a tennis court.
  • Vision RCL will be responsible for ensuring the venue’s annual registration with the LTA is maintained.

The successful providers:

  • Will be led by an LTA Level 3 or above accredited tennis coach.
  • Will have all members of the coaching team LTA Accredited and will provide a list of these coaches and their DBS information to Vision on a regular basis.
  • Will have experience in providing community-focused tennis activities and understand how to address barriers to participation.
  • Will pay particular regard to the range of products and programmes, resources and support available from the LTA. These should include but are not limited to Barclays Big Tennis Weekends, LTA Youth, Cardio tennis, Team Challenge, Barclays Local Tennis Leagues, Walking Tennis and Pair & Play.
  • Will have a charging policy in line with and agreed with Vision RCL.
  • Will ensure coach to pupil ratios are line with those recommended by the LTA.
  • Will provide Vision RCL with its policy in relation to cancelled sessions which must be agreed in advance.
  • Will meet with Vision RCL on a 6 monthly basis to review delivery and provide an annual report highlighting key performance indicators.

 Vision RCL reserve the right to:

  • cancel or withdraw from the tender process at any stage
  • not award the contract
  • award the contract in whole or part
  • require a tenderer to clarify their submission in writing and/or provide additional information
  • reject any tender, at any time, subject to relevant legislation

Application and Key Dates:

This opportunity will be on-going until all tennis courts have been commissioned to successful providers.