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Music for Early Years

Mini Musicians

This specialist early years music class is tailored for young children aged between birth and 4 years of age.

These exciting and engaging classes use songs, rhymes, poems, movement and dancing along with playing a range of age appropriate percussion instruments such as drums, shakers, chime bars and rhythm sticks. Movement activities are enhanced with props such as scarves and hoops as well as children bringing in items from home which relate to the topics of the class.

Each term is carefully planned to ensure variety, progression and adequate repetition. Activities link to other areas of development such as speech, language and communication, motor skills and social and emotional development. In addition to this, the toddler classes have three different themes each term such as the weather, teddy bears or food. Each term is different and parents are given a booklet with all of the songs, rhymes and activities used in class. Parents are encouraged to continue the fun activities with their children at home in order to provide the repetition needed at this stage of their child’s development. 

Music Kindergarten and Music Makers

Classes for 5 to 7 year olds have been running for a number of years at the John Savage Centre, and due to popular demand they are now available on both Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Children learn through singing, moving, listening and playing a variety of tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments. These classes provide an excellent musical foundation where children can develop their singing voice, inner ear and the fine motor skills required to play a musical instrument.  In the second year of the programme, children also learn to read music, equipping them to begin the recorder the following year. In Music Kindergarten and Music Makers, children develop:

  • their ability to play music with awareness of others,
  • a sense of beat through pulse/rhythmic activities,
  • a sense of pitch through singing and playing pitched percussion,
  • self-confidence through “turn taking” activities and performing,
  • their ability to listen and respond to recorded and live music,
  • their ability to make musical choices/decisions,
  • an understanding of simple music notation,
  • a positive attitude to music and music making.

More Music Makers

More Music Makers is a class for children in Years 2, 3 or 4 who may have missed out on the opportunity to attend Music Kindergarten or Music Makers. They learn aural skills, musical literacy, transcription, composition, improvisation, ensemble skills and listening with understanding. These classes will enhance the musical learning of those children who are already learning an instrument while also being suitable for children who have had little formal music training.

Classes use a range of percussion instruments, particularly xylophones and glockenspiels (which serve as a good introduction or accompaniment to learning the piano). Children learning other instruments also have the opportunity to play them in class as part of the ensemble.