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Ken Aston Square’s full summer programme announced

In March 2019 it was announced that Vision’s outdoor arts programme in Ken Aston Square had partnered with England’s biggest network of outdoor arts festivals, Without Walls.

The outdoor arts programme will run once a month from Saturday 8 June to Saturday 22 September in Ken Aston Square, Barkingside High Street. All shows will be completely free for all ages to take part in and enjoy.

Please find below the full programme taking place during the summer months.

Saturday 8 June

Arts and Crafts 10am-4pm

Arts and craft activities & stalls on the square and in Fullwell Cross Library.

The Seed 11am & 3pm

A surprising and inspiring hitch-hike on the journey from small acorns to great oaks. Join Wilford planting trees where he shouldn’t – living in his shed, on the run from his past and his arch-enemies, SLUGS

Vegetable Nannies 10am, 12noon & 2pm

The Vegetable Nannies are two everyday gardeners who’ve taken their young vegetables out of the ground for a day trip. If you see an old pram brimming with some beautiful bouncing baby vegetables, come over and say hello.

Vegetable Nannies has been supported by Without Walls

Saturday 14 July

Theatre for One Ensemble 11am-3pm

Experience a surprising or unexpected puppetry moment… A selection of 3-minute performances by various artists each performed to only one person at a time (plus curious onlookers). A most intriguing and then exclusive mini theatre experience. Which will you choose?

Theatre for One Ensemble has been supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Just So Festival.

Saturday 17 August

Urban Astronaut 11am & 3pm

Urban Astronaut provides a glimpse of a future that might be…where problems surrounding air pollution have grown to a crisis point, is there anyway back? The answer is found in a simple encounter with a young girl who provides the one thing the astronaut has lost… hope.

Urban Astronaut has been supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival, Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Out There International Festival of Circus & Street Arts.

Saturday 21 September

The Band at the End of the World

Arriving in a cloud of raucous brass heavy music, driving their home made, flaming and smoking battle-church. Dressed in punk marching band attire & existing within their very own miniature apocalyptic microclimate.

The Band at the end of the World! has been supported by Without Walls, and commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival, Just So Festival and Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts. Supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space & The Invisible Circus. Developed at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, The invisible Circus Creation Space & OnSet.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email To learn more about our partner, please visit the Without Walls website.


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