Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival 2023 • Vision RCL

This November, Vision RCL are supporting local communities to celebrate Islamic Arts and Heritage as part of Islamophobia Awareness Month.

In Redbridge Central Library & Museum, the first Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival aims to promote cultural understanding, shared learning, and community cohesion through exhibition displays, engaging families in arts and craft activities, short film screenings, recommended book collections and much more.

Everyone is welcome at the festival at Redbridge Central Library, and invited to take part, learn and gain a greater understanding of our borough’s rich cultural diversity.

Redbridge Museum Collecting Programme – Wednesday 1 to Thursday 30 November

Redbridge Museum & Heritage Centre is looking to build our collection of objects relating to Muslims in the borough.

If you have an object, photos or account of your life as a Muslim in Redbridge, please contact Redbridge Museum to share them with us and help us to tell your stories.

We invite you to bring along your objects, photos and stories to our drop-in stall at the Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival.

Drop in anytime on Sunday 19 November from 11am to 4pm at Redbridge Central Library.

A gallery of white walls exhibiting posters about Islamophobia Awareness

Islamophobia Awareness Exhibition – Friday 10 to Sunday 12 November

The Islamophobia Awareness Exhibition highlights the positive contributions of Muslims and the challenges faced by Mulsim’s in tackling Islamophobia. 

Free. Redbridge Central Library (Foyer). During the library opening hours.

You can also view this exhibition online.

Exhibition Islam – Monday 13 to Sunday 26 November

As part of the Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival, Exhibition Islam are exhibiting displays on Islam in Britain, Scientific Discoveries and Art & Architecture.

Free. Redbridge Central Library (Foyer). During the library opening hours.

Find out more about Exhibition Islam – Pioneers in Islamic Exhibitions

Armillary sphere
Islamic family taking part in Arts and Crafts

Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival Event – Sunday 19 November

Calligraphy – an interactive activity where children and adults can use calligraphy pens to write their names.

Geometric Stencil Designs – an interactive activity for children and adults to use various stencils of geometric design and creating their own prints to take way.

Famous Quotes – an interactive activity where participants match a quote with the famous person who said it.

Short films – there will be a short film about the The Golden Age of Islam showcasing Islamic inventions shared throughout the day.

Free. Redbridge Central Library. From 11 am to 4 pm.

Moon Phase Activity, 5 yrs+ – Sunday 19 November

The Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle and Ramadan is celebrated on the ninth month. Join us to learn about the moon phases through the eyes of Yasmeen and her family, from the book ‘Night of the Moon’.

You will also create your own ‘window’ with two paper plates to showcase the moon phases. Take it home with you and use it during the next Ramadan to remember that it traditionally begins and ends with the sighting of the moon’s first crescent.

This is a family learning activity suitable for children 5 yrs+. Free. First-come, first-served. Limited spaces. Redbridge Central Library (Lab Central). First group from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm and second group from 3 pm to 4 pm.

Drawing of a girl seating on a window ledge and looking at the moon
front cover of book 'Amna and Amy', showing to girls holding hands , one wears a headscarf. Underneath is a school and a group of children

Redbridge Libraries Schools Programme – Monday 20 November

Redbridge Libraries have partnered with Educate Against Islamophobia who have published a book called Amna and Amy’.

Three Year 1 and Year 2 year groups across 2 local schools will be joining Redbridge Central Library for a free story time and workshop about celebrating our similarities and differences – within the context of the story of Amna; a little Muslim girl starting a new school. 

By invitation only.