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Coding from home with Lab Central

Welcome to #CodingFromHome for all ages by Lab Central. Every Monday at 2 pm we will be looking at different resources that are great to introduce us to the basic principles of coding. If your child has been attending one of our weekly library Code Clubs, encourage them to continue with their coding projects every day.

Share your creations on Redbridge Libraries Facebook and Twitter accounts! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #CodingFromHome and #LibrariesFromHome

During 2020 we encouraged you to explore the following:

  • Monday 30 March: Check out the ScratchJr app and encourage your children to have fun creating their own interactive stories and games while learning basic coding principles.
  • Monday 6 April: Give it a go at coding with ‘LightBot – Code Hour’. This is a puzzle game based on coding and it secretly teaches you programming logic as you play.
  • Monday 13 April: Create code using ‘MakeCode’, a programming language specially designed for the micro:bit. Use the emulator to test your code and then borrow a micro:bit for free from the library once we are back open.
  • Monday 20 April: Become a coding ninja by accepting the challenge to build a website about your home country. Use this tutorial to learn to structure your web pages (HTML) and to make them pretty (CSS). 
  • Monday 27 April: Especially for all Minecraft lovers. Give it a try at coding Minecraft Voyage Aquatic!
  • Monday 4 May: the #MorseChallenge, check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see the 6 morse code challenges
  • Monday 11 May: Try this Google Doodle and let us know how many levels you can achieve in 20 minutes by leading your bunny to the carrots!
  • Monday 18 May: Move forward with your sills by learning the Command Line Interface (CLI). A method of interacting with the computer through lines of text commands from a keyboard or a script.
  • Monday 25 May: This week we are featuring a Pygame Zero tutorial so you can learn Python by creating a Flappy Bird game. Build the game and then play it!
  • Monday 1 June: Discover  Digital Making at Home projects from the Raspberry Pi foundation and try one of the Game Making tutorials. 
  • Monday 8 June: Learn to create a Candy Crash clone in Python today!
  • Monday 15 June: Learn to create your own website with 100% free tutorials from freeCodeCamp
  • Monday 22 June: Check this tutorial about ‘Sensing‘ blocks to create magical situations with Scratch!
  • Monday 29 June: This is why programmers have to write detailed instructions  – computers are not that clever! Try it out with your children.
  • Monday 6 July: The aim of today’s challenge is to complete the 20 Angry Birds coding challenges. The challenges start off easy, but they get harder as you complete the different levels!
  • Monday 13 July: Try Blockly Games this week, a series of educational games to learn programming. It is designed for children who have not had prior experience with computer programming.
  • Monday 20 July: This week code in Scratch an interactive phrasebook that translates useful phrases into different languages.
  • Monday 27 July: Discover your hidden talent for Cybersecurity with over 200 free challenges.
  • Monday 3 August: The fastest way to learn to code is by actually coding. Check out Edabit, an almost limitless supply of bite-sized challenges, so you can rapidly advance your abilities.
  • Monday 10 August: Learn by doing with Project Learn! Tutorials are great, but building projects is the best way to learn coding skills! Try it out today.
  • Monday 17 August: For adults interested in coding, try Grasshopper! It covers the foundations of JavaScript, how to create animations with code and introduces how to build a website with HTML and CSS.
  • Monday 24 August: Minecraft Voyage Aquatic: explore and build underwater worlds with code!
  • Monday 31 August: Hack your Window with Scratch! This August Bank Holiday re-imagine what you can see through your window.
  • Monday 7 September: This week build your Computational Thinking skills, from algorithms to logic, by tackling easy and fun to do mini-missions.
  • Monday 14 September: Try Cargo-Bot today! One of the best free games for kids 6 yrs+ to learn basic coding skills. Control a robotic arm to move crates into the displayed configuration. It is much tougher than it looks, and lots of fun!
  • Monday 21 September: CS Unplugged is a collection of free teaching material that teaches Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles that use cards, string, crayons and lots of running around.