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STEAM from home with Lab Central

Explore with us every week the amazing world of Science, Technology, Arts & Maths (STEAM) with activities fit for all those curious minds out there! Join us every Friday at 2 pm to discover the challenge for the week. With schools now closed, these activities are perfect for little learners with an endless curiosity for the world around us. We hope the challenges will help reinforce important life skills and spark a lifetime interest in these subjects.

Discover our online research resources to help you with all your STEAM projects.

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During 2020 we challenged your kids to:

  • Friday 3 April: Become ‘Rainbow Collectors‘ and go on an adventure to explore and hunt for the different colours of the rainbow at your home. Find further details on page 40.
  • Friday 10 April: Train the ‘Karate cats‘ to compete to be maths champions. Earn the bronze, silver and gold cups in loads of maths topics in this new adventure.
  • Friday 17 April: Download the free ‘Stop Motion Studio‘ app on your tablet or phone and use your imagination to move your toys, and even make them fly, to create a story of your own. Check out this animation series for inspiration.
  • Friday 24 April: This week investigate how sound travels using a kind of gong made from a coat hanger and some string.
  • Friday 1 May: Create a Minecraft Paper Machine! Paper machines are super fun to do and you will be surprised when you achieve movement with just paper strategically positioned.
  • Friday 8 May: Celebrate #VEDay75 as a ninja spy by creating your invisible ink and passing secret messages at home.
  • Friday 15 May: The Dino Directory! Discover everything about 300 species of dinosaurs. From slow, plant-eating giants to fierce scavengers and hunters.
  • Friday 22 May: Time to tinker with Tinkercad, an easy-to-use app for 3D modelling. Learn about primitive shapes, moving, rotating & adjusting objects, and grouping them into a detailed 3D model.
  • Friday 29 May: Experimenting is fun but does not take our word for it, check out the Space Gal and her playlist of ‘Science experiments to do at home’.
  • Friday 5 June: Rocket Science in 60 seconds videos! Time to enjoy NASA’s short videos about the spacecraft that will return astronauts to the Moon by 2024.
  • Friday 12 June: How much do you know about adaptations and camouflage? Examine different forms of camouflage and why it is important for predators and prey.
  • Friday 19 June: Check out the BBC bitesize daily lessons in Maths and English, as well as the regular lessons in Science, History, Geography and more.
  • Friday 26 June: As NASA prepares to return to the Moon, the astronauts will need a toilet that has all the same capabilities as ones here on Earth. Send us your own designs.
  • Friday 3 July: This week explore ‘OneZoom from the Linnean Society’, an amazing interactive map of the evolutionary relationships between the 2 million species of life on our planet!
  • Friday 10 July: Follow in Tim Peake’s footsteps and learn how to survive in space with this activity specially designed by the Scouts. 
  • Friday 17 July: Today engineer your very own Robo Arm using simple materials!
  • Friday 24 July: Join ‘Nature Up Close and Personal’ a British Science Association research project based on simple, nature-based activities.
  • Friday 31 July: Try ‘The STEM Hub‘, full of resources from space and dinosaurs to energy and the environment.
  • Friday 7 AugustKitchen Science is a collection of fun and interesting activities for you to do at home, with everyday ingredients available from the supermarket or chemist.
  • Friday 14 August: ‘Operation Ouch!‘ Explore the weirdest and most wonderful bits of medicine. From sneezes and snot to pimples and poo, nothing escapes these crazy experiments!
  • Friday 20 August: Try the ‘Bitesize Science Quiz‘! Have you been keeping a keen ‘ion’ your science knowledge? Or perhaps you’ve been forgetting things ‘periodically’? Have a go at this quiz made up of GCSE Science questions.
  • Friday 28 August: Bring some colour into your science home learning by creating an exploding rainbow!
  • Friday 4 September: This week Explore Space.  Choose the activity you fancy most, from building a fruit solar system to making a paper model of a spacecraft, it is totally up to you!
  • Friday 11 September: Prepare to show off your STEAM projects by taking part in the next National Skills Day on Wednesday 7 October. Check out the requirements now and book the date!
  • Friday 18 September: Could you survive on a desert island? Check out this pack of activities and learn how to make rope or tell the time without a watch.
  • Friday 25 September: Check out  Dr  Frost  Maths website if you are into maths. Dr Frost has been nominated as Global Teacher Prize Finalist 2020!