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Music in Schools

Redbridge Music Service provides a wide range of instrumental and vocal tuition in schools throughout the borough. Schools throughout Redbridge have the choice as to which of these services they purchase.

In addition to instrumental and vocal tuition, schools may also purchase:

  • School ensemble coaching
  • Indian Music
  • African Music
  • South American Music

Recitals in Schools

Music maintains the status of being a statutory subject and is an entitlement up to the age of 14 in schools that follow the National Curriculum. Pupils should have access to live and recorded music and this programme is designed to help support the music curriculum. In all key stages teachers should contextualise musical learning and encourage pupils to explore music from a wide range of historical periods, genres and traditions.

The Redbridge Music Service staff recital programme focuses on elements of the National Curriculum (Music) in order to ensure that pupils have first-hand experiences of music through live performances and are encouraged critically to engage with the music performed.

Experience the Music

Redbridge Music Service offers staff training and weekly provision in “Experience the Music.” This curriculum is suitable for nursery and reception classes and has been implemented in a number of schools in Redbridge, Waltham Forest, Havering and Barking and Dagenham with great success.

The curriculum has an emphasis on literacy, personal and social development, building confidence in participating in a group situation and as an individual.

Early Years Music specialist deliver half-hour session to each class, and the class teachers repeat the activities throughout the week to ensure the children receive repetition they need at this stage of their development. Twilight CPD is also offered to schools.

Each week’s music activities include:

  • Songs and rhymes
  • Encouraging competency in speaking and listening skills
  • Focused listening
  • Beat and rhythm
  • Playing instruments – whole class use of simple instruments (egg shakers, rhythm sticks etc.) and other suitable percussion.
  • Aspects of numeracy, encouraging accurate counting, grouping and sequencing
  • Gross and fine motor movement activities
  • Structured and free dance