Our Parks Responsibilities • Vision RCL

Our Parks Responsibilities

Adoptee Responsibilities

  • The adopted area should be kept in a suitable condition. Horticultural features should be maintained to standards agreed with Vision RCL and the area should be kept free from weeds, litter and horticultural waste.
  • If replacing existing plants, the choice of replacement must be agreed in advance with Vision RCL.
  • Adoptees must not prune, remove or alter any trees except for the removal of basal growth or with prior agreement with Vision RCL.
  • Adoptees must not remove or alter any built infrastructure nor in any way enclose or otherwise appropriate the relevant land.
  • Adoptees must allow access to Vision RCL employees and utility companies and other such lawfully entitled, should the need arise including for maintenance or inspection of pipes, landscaping, cables, signs or other infrastructure.
  • Adoptees must not plant anything likely to cause damage or injury or obstruct paths or block sight lines fro drivers or pedestrians. If in any doubt about any of the above please contact Vision RCL.
  • If unable to continue to maintain their adopted area, adoptees must advise Vision RCL in writing by email parks.enquiries@visionrcl.org.uk.
  • The Adoptee shall comply with any other reasonable regulations in connections with Our Parks Scheme as shall be advised in writing by Vision RCL and shall provide contact details. Where the Adoptee is an organisation, contact details of an authorised person and telephone number should be provided for all communications.

Vision RCL Responsibilities

Subject to the Adoptees’ complying with the Adoptees’ responsibilities.

  • Vision RCL will instruct its contractor to work in accordance with your schedule.
  • Vision RCL will provide at its own cost; support, training and materials as agreed.
  • Vision RCL will assess and authorise proposals for new plants, shrubs or bedding.
  • Vision RCL will monitor the standard of maintenance of the adopted plot as required.

The land will remain in the ownership of the London Borough of Redbridge.