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Parks Business Permits

Training businesses

If you would like to use the park for training businesses such as bootcamps, personal training or sports coaching you will need to apply for a permit.

To apply for a permit you will need to complete the application form and supply supporting documentation scroll to the end of this page. On receipt of this information the Head of Parks and Open Spaces will consider your application along with taking into consideration any other activities that may be going on in the parks.

More information

  • If you are applying as an organisation, you will need to apply for a permit for each trainer that will be operating in the parks, a permit will be issued for each trainer and ensures they are all adequately qualified, insured and in some cases CRB checked.
  • If your application is successful, you will be issued with a permit from the Parks Development Team to operate within Redbridge parks. You will need to bring this to each session to confirm your identity should you be challenged by a member of staff.
  • Any litter generated form the event must be picked up and taken away from the site.
  • The majority of parks and open spaces do not have any toilet facilities; therefore it may be necessary to inform the participants of this fact.
  • All music must be covered by PRS and not cause nuisance to park users/neighbour
  • The annual fee for this permit is £300+VAT per park
  • The permit holder must adhere to the Terms and Conditions and provide Vision with the means to review the application if the permit holder grows their service to a much larger scale or extorts the permit in any way. Vision will also monitor where and how permit holders operate taking into consideration other park users and groups.

Application form

    Please fill in the form below to register you interest for an interest to apply for a permit.

    Please tick if the activity involves any of the following:
    Use of hand weightsUse of pushchairs/pramsUse of dumb bellsUse of musicUse of resistance bandsUse of benches/stepsUse of bicyclesUse of punch bagsWorking with children/vulnerable adults

    This document is an application to conduct a fitness class within the parks & open spaces of the Vision - Redbridge Culture & Leisure, and does not give permission to conduct the activity. The form is to be completed and returned giving a months notice of the fitness class anticipated start date.

    Additional documentation required

    Once you have submited the above online form you will also need to provide copies of the following:

    • Public Liability Insurance – the fitness instructor will need provide an up to date policy.
    • First Aid – The fitness instructor must hold a relevant first aid certificate
    • Fitness Qualification – A copy of intructors fitness qualifications is required
    • PARQ – Fitness instructors should complete a pre activity readiness questionnaire (PARQ) to ensure that participants are able to join in the class. Please provide a copy of your PARQ along with the application form.
    • Site Plan – The fitness instructor may be required to provide a site plan detailing the location within the park/open space to be used.
    • Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check – if you are working with children and/or vulnerable adults send an up to date copy of the fitness instructors Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.
    • Insurance DBS  
    • Risk Assessments
    • References 
    • Rep’s membership

    Contact us

    Please send all of the required documentation listed above to the following address:
    Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure
    210 Wash Lodge
    Valentines Park
    Cranbrook Road
    IG1 4TG

    If you require more information or wish to discuss your application please email the parks team or call on 020 8708 3046 / 020 8708 3141 (open 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm).