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Nature Photography Competition – Winners Exhibition

Photography is one of many ways local residents can connect with nature of their doorstep. Whether it’s capturing interesting animal behaviour or spectacular landscapes, engaging with the natural world through a lens is fantastic way to explore some of the wonderful wild spaces in Redbridge.

During summer 2021, we held a nature photography competition encouraging residents to engage with nature by exploring some of the wonderful green spaces in Redbridge and celebrating the diversity of wildlife that can be found in our beautiful borough. The competition was open to everyone and there were seven categories for submissions.

We were blown away with the interest shown, with more than 70 submissions from both professionals and amateurs. Sleepy cygnets, perfect pyramidal orchids, beautiful bumblebees and fox families are just some of the fantastic submissions we received. The judges had a tough task in deciding on the winning and runner-up images for each of the seven available categories.

2021 Competition winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Nature Photography competition. Congratulations to all of the winners and runner ups. You can view all of the winning photographs below.


Winner – Animal Portraits

By Kanishka Buwanekabahu
Valentines Park, May 2021

I saw this cygnet trying to take a nap and thought it was such a peaceful scene. It was an overcast day with soft light which was ideal for photographing white birds.


Runner UpAnimal Portraits

By Michael Trump
Hainault Forest, July 2021

Up close and personal with a grey heron at Hainault Forest Country Park.

WinnerPlants & Fungi

By Nicole Benjamin
Fairlop Waters Nature Reserve, March 2021

Teasels are giants of nature in our local environment, hosting so many insects that they are almost a mini ecosystem by themselves and deserve to be celebrated for it.

Runner Up – Plants & Fungi

By Elaine Lott
Fairlop Waters, July 2021

Pyramidal Orchid.

Winner – Living Landscapes

By Kathy Levy
Fairlop Waters, November 2020

Tranquillity – the autumn beauty of the leaves against the blue sky was amazing and it felt so tranquil.

Runner Up – Living Landscapes

By Alan Simpson
Claybury Park, April 2020

A view along the old medieval path known as Clayhooks Lane.

Winner – Macro World

By Sue White
South Park, June 2021

Marmalade hoverfly (Episyrphus balteatus) on Hipericum ‘Hidcote’.

Runner Up – Macro World

By Kathy Levy
Gants Hill garden, July 2021

Bumble beauty – it looked so cute and cuddly, I just had to take a close up of it. I love bumblebees as they play a vital role in the food chain.

Winner – Animals in their Environment

By Michael Trump
Hainault garden, June 2021

Company at breakfast – great spotted woodpecker.

Runner Up – Animals in their Environment

By Ludmilla De Luca Perazzi
Gants Hill, August 2021

An angry goose tells a pigeon to stay away from its food whilst a duck smiles at the camera.

Winner – Gardener’s World Wildlife

By Alan Simpson
Redbridge garden, May 2020

Fox cubs in my garden.

Runner Up – Gardener’s World Wildlife

By Debi Hale
Redbridge garden, August 2020

You hum it son, I’ll play it – a hummingbird hawkmoth in my back garden.

Winner – Wild Things (under 16s)

By Zachary Ross, aged 14
Fairlop Waters, June 2021

Swan portrait

Runner Up – Wild Things (under 16s)

By Seren Rajwadkar, aged 3
Hainault Forest, March 2021

Tree in blossom, by the lake.