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Claybury Park Bench Sponsorship Scheme

Claybury Park is a regionally important open space and nature reserve, which holds special and personal significance for many people. In recognition of that, Vision RCL is delighted to offer the opportunity to sponsor a bench as a thoughtful way of leaving a lasting legacy on the estate.

We offer two styles of bench, selected for their rustic design which compliments the landscape of Claybury Park. Each bench is hand-made in the UK (Essex) and carved from PEFC certified oak sleepers:

The prices listed include bench construction, delivery, installation and the inclusion of an inscribed stainless steel dedication plaque.

There are a variety of locations available for the installation of benches at Claybury Park. These spots have been chosen for their beautiful surroundings and peaceful atmosphere, and include areas in the secondary woodland, around the main pond, and across the open parkland landscape. Currently available locations can be viewed on the downloadable PDF below.

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    For locations, please see PDF download at the top of page

    This can be up to four lines of text, each up to 35 characters in length (including spaces). Please use standard numbers and letters for your message as anything else may not inscribe correctly. The wording below, will be used on the plaque so please check carefully before submitting.

    I confirm that I agree to the Terms & Conditions set out below.

    Bench Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

    • All benches are made to order and are therefore non-refundable.
    • The style of benches available are non-negotiable and will be provided by Vision RCL, we cannot accept benches supplied to us from the Sponsor.
    • Installation of benches will generally be carried out during the months of October to March, and will be dependent on suitable ground and weather conditions.
    • Delivery and installation can take up to 16 weeks following receipt of any application during the installation period. All benches must be paid for before the completion of installation.
    • Benches will be installed at a location agreed between Vision RCL and the Sponsor, subject to unforeseen obstacles that may require a slight deviation in location if necessary.
    • Sponsorship is for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. During this time Vision RCL will maintain the bench and plaque, allowing for natural weathering processes.
    • Each bench is hand-made from PEFC certified oak sleepers. The timber is untreated and therefore subject to natural blemishes, knots and other rustic features.
    • A stainless steel plaque carrying a personal message and measuring 140mm wide by 60mm high will be fixed to the bench. Vision RCL reserves the right to vary or refuse an unsuitable inscription.
    • On the oak bench the plaque shall be fitted to the centre of the backrest. On the oak backless bench the plaque shall be fitted to the centre forward facing surface of the seat.
    • No further adornments or memorabilia e.g. flowers, statues, vases, wreaths, or personal items, will be permitted on or near the bench or surrounding area at any time. Any such items will be removed.
    • Vision RCL are able to carry out reasonable repairs, but accepts no replacement liability for any bench or plaque that is vandalised, damaged, or stolen.
    • If a bench is damaged beyond economic repair it will be removed, and Vision RCL will attempt to inform the Sponsor. Should the Sponsor wish to install a replacement, the same application procedure will need to be followed and at the standard charge applicable at the time.
    • Sponsors are advised to ensure that Vision RCL is kept informed of up-to-date contact details.
    • The bench remains the property of Vision RCL at all times, and sponsorship does not confer any property rights or privileges. The bench cannot be removed by the Sponsor and it may be used by any/all visitors to Claybury Park.
    • At the end of the period of sponsorship Vision RCL reserves the right to determine the appropriate time to remove or replace the bench. Where a bench is in good condition it will remain until such time as it is detrimental in terms of aesthetics or health and safety.