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Street Tag

What is Street Tag?

Vision RCL have been working in partnership with Redbridge Council to launch this fun, family friendly smartphone based app that rewards families and individuals for walking, running, and cycling around the borough. Street Tag turns our streets and open spaces into a giant virtual playground and encourages people to get active outdoors by challenging them to collect as many virtual tags, dotted around the borough, as they can.  Watch this YouTube video for more information.

At this time Street Tag allows players to contribute to their teams achievements and remain active and maintain social distanced from others, during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Benefits of Using Street Tag

“If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to a great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat.”- UK Chief Medical Officers.

Through Street Tag app residents can:  

  • Win fantastic prizes to enhance their physical fitness and healthy lifestyle
  • Have opportunity to become healthier and bond with family and friends whilst staying committed to physical fitness
  • Benefit from the opportunity to connect with other members of the community that are using the Street Tag App
  • Have fun and catch the thrill of physical fitness of competing with others, which you might not get without the app
  • Get motivated and engage in physical activity, rediscover nature and get energetic
  • Enhance your mental and physical wellbeing

How does Street Tag work?

It’s easy to join and get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Install the ‘Street Tag’ app. on your smartphone
  2. Create your community/ family team and join the local leader board
  3. Earn Street Tag points by getting active both indoors and outdoors. To collect points you need be exploring your local area and the rest of the borough by foot, bicycle, or push scooter and discover the ‘virtual tags’ scattered around the streets, parks and open spaces.  The app also counts your steps and convert them to points.
  4. See how you are doing on the Leaderboard, do well and you could earn rewards and win prizes.

Get ready to push the boundaries and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle with Redbridge Council and Street Tag. 

Download the FREE app now on ios and android (just search for Street Tag)

Need assistance with Street Tag App? Email or send a support ticket inside the app settings.

Before you visit please read our COVID-19 Parks Guidance to ensure the safety of you and your family.