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Volunteering in Parks and Open spaces

There are several ways you can volunteer, help Vision RCL Park Rangers and tackle litter in our parks. Share and learn a number of new skills as well as meet local groups and other volunteers too.

  • Parks Action Days – A partnership between the Vision Parks Team and local Friends of Parks Groups. If you would like more information on Parks Action Days, please contact Parks Enquiries.
  • Our Parks – there are many opportunities to undertake various activities in our parks and spaces with an Our Parks agreement, this sets out the commitments required from ‘adoptees’ and Vision RCL.
  • Nature Conservation Wokdays – Volunteer litter pickers are always welcome to join our workdays which take place throughout the week.

Hainault Forest Opportunities

As part of the Hainault Forest Restoration Project funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, we are delighted to be able to give new opportunities to our volunteers.  

We are offering opportunities to become a Forest Workday Supervisor or an Events Support Assistant at Hainault Forest.

Workday Supervisors 

A workday supervisor will be a part of the Forest Volunteers Working Group, assisting the volunteer officer with the management of volunteers between and during the workdays.  

Assisting the Community Forest Ranger with: 

  • Providing support during volunteer workdays  
  • The practical tasks of the given workday  
  • Prepping sessions (on occasion)  
  • Preparing equipment before and putting away after volunteer sessions 
  • Tool maintenance  
  • Being another First-aider during the sessions 

Forest Events Support Assistant 

A Forest Events Support Assistant will help the community rangers in the delivery of the range of events offered in Hainault Forest.  

Responsibilities will consist of: 

  • Providing support during the event sessions  
  • Help with prepping sessions and post session set down  
  • Being another First-aider during the sessions 

Once the form has been filled out, you will be contacted to organise an interview.

If you’d like more information please

Litter picking in your area

We know the majority of Redbridge residents take pride in their local area, and want to see our parks and green spaces kept litter free. However, litter continues to be a problem across the borough. Even with bins being emptied more frequently, some people still think it is acceptable to leave their waste behind for someone else to clear up – we’re finding PPE discarded in vegetation, plastic food packaging and cups from family picnics spread across grasslands, fly-tipping in the river, and the remnants of illicit BBQs in our precious woodlands. Not only is this unsightly and illegal, but it also poses a hazard for both people and wildlife.

Local ‘Friends Of Parks’ and community groups have been helping the Vision RCL Parks Rangers by organising regular litter picks in their local parks. See below for details on upcoming group litter picks you can join, or why not start you own local group with friends, family and neighbours?

South Park
South Parks Users Group run fortnightly litter picking sessions.
Please visit the SPUG website for further information.

Our Parks scheme aims to commit to the actions needed to bring and build stronger and more sustainable communities together, promoting a healthy borough which is proud of its parks and open spaces by encouraging maintenance of these spaces. By volunteering in our parks you can share and learn a number of new skills as well as meet local groups and other volunteers too.

Barley Lane Recreation Ground
Barley Lane Friends Park Group run litter picking sessions every weekend.
Please contact Naielah Sayed for further details.

Loxford Park
Friends of Loxford Park run litter picking sessions every Saturday (9am).
Meeting point: Loxford Park Pavillion
Please contact Linda Speedwell for further details.

Christchurch Green
Councillor led litter picking sessions every third Saturday of the month (10am).
Meeting point: Woodbine Place
Please contact Paul Donovan for further details.

If you are a local community group that is litter picking in our Vision RCL managed parks and green spaces, and would like your litter picking sessions listed here, do get in touch with the please contact Parks Enquiries. .

Upcoming volunteering events