Vision Passport FlexiPay • Vision RCL

Vision Passport FlexiPay

The Passport FlexiPay can be used at:

  • Fullwell Cross Leisure Centre
  • Wanstead Leisure Centre
  • Loxford Leisure Centre
  • Mayfield Leisure Centre
  • South Woodford Library & Gym
  • Woodford Green Library & Gym
  • Redbridge Cycling Centre
  • Ashton Playing Fields
  • Cricklefields Stadium
  • Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre
  • Tennis Court – Redbridge Parks & Open Spaces

You are eligible for the Vision Passport FlexiPay if you are an adult resident of the London Borough of Redbridge and if you also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Universal Credit
  • Pension Credit – 67 years over
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance (JSA)
  • Asylum Seeking Status
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Young Carer – Under 25 years
  • Looked After Children – Under 18 years
  • Anyone in Full time education

The Passport FlexiPay has no expiry date for individuals claiming pension credit and with a permanent disability, as long as they remain a resident in the Borough. For all other cases, the Passport FlexiPay will require renewal every six months. 

The Passport FlexiPay is free to apply for and you can get discounts on the following activities within our facilities and at Redbridge Sports & Leisure. 

FacilityActivityFees & Charges 2024Passport FlexiPay Concessions
Fullwell Cross,
Loxford & Mayfield
Leisure Centre
Adult Full Price Swimming £5.90
(Off peak)
Fullwell Cross, Wanstead, Loxford & Mayfield Leisure Centre.

South Woodford and
Woodford Green Library & Gym
Adult Full Price
Fullwell Cross,
Loxford & Mayfield
Leisure Centre
Junior Swim
(Under 16) PAYG
(Off peak)
Fullwell Cross,
Wanstead, Mayfield
Leisure Centre

South Woodford
Library & Gym
Junior Gym
(Under 16) PAYG
(Supervised Sessions)
Ashtons Playing Fields &
Cricklefields Stadium
Athletics Hire
Tracks (per hour)
Redbridge Cycling CentreCycle Track
(per hour)

Redbridge Cycling CentreMountain Bike£4.70£3.00
Redbridge Cycling CentreBike Hire
(per hour)
ParksTennis Court Hire£5.00£2.50
ActivityFees & Charges 2024Passport FlexiPay concession
Adult Full Price Gym£16.00£3.40
Adult Full Price
Group Exercise Class
Adult Rackets
Social Session
Indoor Tennis Court* (1 hour)£15.00£13.25
Badminton Court* (1 hour)£9.75£8.00
Squash Court* (45 mins)£9.10£7.35
Table Tennis* (1 hour)£7.10£5.35

*prices shown are per person, minimum 2 paying players per court

To apply for Passport FlexiPay, you can either apply online* or you may visit the reception desk at one of our leisure centres and ask for a Passport FlexiPay application in person. Please note that you must provide proof of ID and documentation for one of the eligibility criteria.

*Upon a successful online application, your Passport FlexiPay request will be frozen until your first visit. At that point, ID verification is required for activation on-site.

If you qualify for Passport FlexiPay but would like full access to our facilities at all times, including group exercise classes, explore our Passport Membership for additional benefits.