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Welcome to Redbridge Libraries – a network of 11 unique libraries across the borough. From our flagship Redbridge Central Library in bustling Ilford to the charming Aldersbrook Library in the leafy west and Seven Kings Library in the vibrant south, our mission is to provide tailored services to our diverse communities. We’re known for our innovation, winning awards and recognition, and as a Libraries Consortium member, we offer a wide range of resources. Beyond books, our libraries are safe spaces for learning, socialising, accessing technology, and more. Join us at any stage of life for support, community, and enrichment – whether in person or through our virtual options. Your library is always close by, ready to welcome you.

Using Redbridge Libraries

Our libraries offer

Books and Reading

Reading and literacy are two of the most fundamental skills in life. These skills are important in helping people to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Our libraries encourage individuals of all ages to read for pleasure, increase their understanding of the world, stretch their imaginations, and think differently. 

We provide diverse and inclusive reading resources in a range of formats, including printed books, e-books and audio books and deliver programmes and experiences for children and adults to create excitement around reading.

Digital and Information

Redbridge libraries help you get online, both in the library and at home. Visit the library and use our desktop computers, tablets and free Wi-Fi, or for those on a lower income, apple for our databank and you may be eligible for a sim card with up to 24GB of data!

We are also here to help with any money worries you may have, get expert advice via Debt Free London Kiosk at Redbridge Central Library.

Fancy something a little different? Lab Central is a digital makerspace for people to meet, learn, create, and innovate .We offer a varied range of ‘tech’ events including 3D printing, coding, robotics, and virtual reality for people of all ages.

Digital and Information at Redbridge Libraries
A busy worktop with lots of arts and crafts materials

Culture and Creativity

Redbridge libraries are creative and social spaces. We nurture grassroots creativity and provide opportunities for our residents to access high quality arts and cultural activities.

Throughout the year we programme activities that celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and encourage understanding and tolerance of one another.

Our events and activities spark curiosity, build imagination, develop skills, and allow talent to flourish but most importantly, they allow everyone to have fun!

Health and Wellbeing

Redbridge libraries play an important role in the health and wellbeing of our communities. From our ‘Reading Well’ scheme to Group Exercise classes, we believe we have something for everyone.

We are also a death positive library service, offering grief cafés and a range of support guides.

Woman sitting by window reading book with knitting wool beside her in basket, and cup of tea on a pile of woolen cloth
child on swing wearing a VR headset being supervised by a volunteer

Childrens Promise

Redbridge libraries are magical spaces that support children’s learning and development at different stages of their childhood.

We welcome children from the very earliest months of their lives, helping parents and carers to support them as they grow and learn, through to supporting them as students with educational resources and access to study spaces.

 All year round, we work with schools and other partners and provide a range of activities, programmes, resources and initiatives to help foster a life long love of books and reading.

Vision and Print Impaired People’s Promise

Redbridge Libraries are safe trusted spaces for everyone. We are a vital link for our communities and are accessible to all. We offer a home library service to the most vulnerable in our community and have a range of resources to support those who are Vision and Print Impaired. These include audio books, books in braille and assistive technology on our tablets and computers.

Get Involved!

None of the day to day activity could be accomplished without our passionate team of volunteers to make it happen. We’re always looking for new people to get involved.