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    Contract Agreement between Vision RCL and

    IF a Group or School :

    Contact Details:

    Vision RCL will work with adoptees to ensure both parties are happy with the conditions.

    Vision RCL will liaise with the adoptee to provide replacement or additional supplies as necessary and upon amendment of the outcome specification.

    Insurance cover will be provided by Vision RCL during use of Vision RCL's tools and equipment, on the condition that they are operated in a safe manner.

    Vision RCL acknowledges that the Adoptees is to carry out these works for the benefit of the local community. If Vision RCL is dissatisfied with the performance of the Adoptee, it will liaise with them and may continue a trial period of support for the scheme at its own discretion. If a site is not maintained to the agreed standards in this period, Vision RCL will terminate this agreement forthwith.

    I agree to undertake the responsibilities as the Adoptee.

    This agreement will run from the date of submission:

    Until: Either party may opt-out but without prejudice to any claim against the other for any breach of agreement.