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Compete for Redbridge

The Sport & Health Team coordinates the entries for Redbridge into a variety of youth events including London Youth Games, London School Games and Virgin London Mini Marathon. If you would like to get involved either as a competitor or a volunteer coach, please email

Virgin London Mini Marathon

11 to 17 year olds can trial to become part of the Redbridge team for Virgin London Mini Marathon, to be considered for qualification you need to complete a 5km Park run, these take place on Saturdays at 9am at Valentines Park, Wanstead Flats and other locations around the country. 

Visit the Mini Marathon website.

London Youth Game Virtual Cross Country

The Virtual London Youth Games competitions will take place on Saturday 21 November and run until Sunday 6 December.

Distances required:

  • Year 6 Pupils – 1500m
  • Year 7 & 8 Pupils – 2000m
  • Year 9 & 10 Female Pupils – 2000m
  • Year 9 & 10 Male Pupils – 3000m
  • Year 11 & 12 Female Pupils – 3000m
  • Year 11 & 12 Male Pupils – 4500m

Every participant will score one point! Those wanting to participate will only need to submit their time, no proof required. Participants that would like to compete against other boroughs will need to supply proof of time and distance.

You can register your results by submitting to our Sport and Health Team via the link below, or submit directly to the London Youth Games website.

London Youth Games

London Youth Games competitions will take place on weekends in May and June with the finals in early July. The games are free and open to all young people, aged between 7 and 18 years (each sport has their own age criteria), living in or going to school in Redbridge.

Visit the London Youth Games website.

Please see below table of sports, age eligibility and potential trials/training information. If you are interested please register with the above link and information will be sent to you for those sports you select

SportAge Eligibility
AQUATHLONSchool Years 7-11
ARCHERYBorn on or after 05/07/02 (Year 12 & Under)
ATHLETICS BOYSSchool Years 7&8
ATHLETICS GIRLS School Years 7&8
PARA ATHLETICS (MALE) School Years 7-13
BADMINTON School Years 7-12
BASKETBALL (FEMALE)U18’s (School years 12 & under)
BASKETBALL (MALE) U18’s (School years 12 & under)
BMXSchool Years 2-12
CRICKET (FEMALE)School years 8 & Under
CRICKET (MALE) School Years 8 & Under
CROSS COUNTRYSchool Years 12 & Under
CYCLINGSchool Years 11 & Under
DIVING School Years 12 & Under
FENCINGSchool Years 6-13
FOOTBALL (FEMALE)School Years 8 & 9
FOOTBALL (MALE) School Years 8 & 9
PARA FOOTBALL MLD (MALE) School Years 7-10
HANDBALL (MALE)School Years 11 & Under
HANDBALL (FEMALE) School Years 11 & Under
HOCKEY (FEMALE) School Years 9 & Under
HOCKEY (MALE) School Years 9 & Under
INDOOR ROWING School Years 11 & Under
JUDO (FEMALE)School Years 4-13
JUDO (MALE) School Years 4-13
NETBALLSchool Years 9 & Under
NETBALL U19School Years 10-13
REGATTA KAYAK SALOMSchool Years 12 & Under
REGATTA KAYAK SPRINT School Years 12 & Under
REGATTA SAILINGSchool Years 4-13
SQUASH (MALE)School Years 12 & Under
SQUASH (FEMALE) School Years 12 & Under
SWIMMING (FEMALE)School Years 7-12
SWIMMING (MALE) School Years 7-12
PARA SWIMMING (MALE) School Years4-13
TABLE TENNIS (FEMALE)School Years 11 & Under
TABLE TENNIS (MALE) School Years 11 & Under
TENNISSchool years 7-12
TRAMPOLININGSchool Years 12 & Under
VOLLEYBALL (FEMALE)School Years 13 & Under
VOLLEYBALL (MALE) School Years 13 & Under