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Group Exercise Classes

Choose from over 100 classes per week across Redbridge with our group exercise programme. Whether it’s high energy classes like Zumba and Boxfit or something more chilled like Yoga and Pilates, our instructors are here to support you.

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Our Group Exercise options


Cardio exercise improves cardiovascular performance, taking cardio style class you’ll break a sweat, feel invigorated when the endorphins (happy hormones) kick in. You’ll also be contributing to improving heart health. Its also great for fat burning if that’s your goal. Many of our classes have an cardio element, from a powerful Boxfit session to a high energy Spinning session and everything in between.

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Sculpt and Tone

If you want to achieve some muscle definition and improve muscle performance some of our classes such as Yoga and Pilates can help engage and tone your muscles using full body exercises and movements. No matter what intensity you feel comfortable with there is a class that can help you engage and tone your muscles.


Whether it be bodyweight such as in an LBT class (Legs, Bums & Tums) or free weight exercises such as in our Kettlebells class, our large range of classes help to improve fitness and develop and strengthen your muscles. We have a class suitable for everyone whether you need chair based lower impact classes or feel ready to increase the intensity and progress with more weights or more repetitions. We believe in progression not perfection.

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Our pool-based exercises classes are easy on the joints while providing a safe and effective workout. These classes help improve endurance and cardio fitness while be low impact. Perfect for those with injuries or those who just want to change it up with something fun and different. You can try Aqua Fit which incorporates foam dumbbells suitable for the pool to add resistance or Aqua Zumba and experience the party vibes poolside.

Dance Fitness

Our dance fitness classes use high energy music and dance moves to give you a fun and effective workout. Learn dance moves from around the world while working up a sweat and leave feeling refreshed and in a great mood. While you get swept up in the music and party vibes, you’ll also be getting a full body workout.

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Cancelling a class

Please ensure if you can not attend a group exercise class that you cancel your booking up to 3 hours prior to the class start time. Non cancellation and non attendance will lead to a £5 dishonour charge being added to your account. This is due to the large number of members booking group exercise classes and not attending.