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Active Stars

What is the aim of the service?

The aim of Active Stars is to educate families to increase physical activity levels and to learn to live a healthy life. The Sport and Health Team at Vision RCL delivers a whole system approach (physical activity, nutrition and behaviour change) weight management programme for children.

Who is it aimed at?

Active Stars through schools

Active Stars is a weight management programme for children 5-11 years old who are medically classified overweight or obese. It’s a family programme and therefore the children and their parents must attend the course together on a weekly basis for six weeks. Questionnaires and measurements are taken at the start and the end of the programme and participants are followed up after 3 and 6 months to check their progress. This programme is delivered in schools across the borough of Redbridge with the highest obesity and inactivity levels.

Active Stars within the community

Active Stars also has a community session once a quarter, or more if demand requires it, for those children who do not attend the schools on the Active Stars programme.  The families will get an overview of nutrition, healthy lifestyles and physical activity in a morning or afternoon session, with the chance to ask questions and further their knowledge.

Referral through schools, GPs or self-referral

When a child is measured above a healthy weight, they will receive information about the Active Stars programme along with the letter from the school nurse. If a child is very overweight, then it is very likely that they will be directly referred to us by the school nurse. Your child can also be referred via the GP, self-referrals are also accepted.