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VR Playground comes to #TechIlford

Saturday 15 June 11am-4.30pm

VR Playground is the latest ride experiment by SPACE artist and the world’s first Thrill Engineer, Professor Brendan Walker and his Thrill Laboratory.

Scoot through the metropolis inside a mono-wheel; leap tall structures in a single bound; and undulate upwards to escape the deep abyss – don a virtual reality headset, jump on a playground swing, and be transported on an exhilarating swing-powered adventure!

In VR Playground, Professor Walker propels you through a series of colourful abstract virtual worlds, each driven by the action of your swinging within a cubic structure. He has crafted moments of wonder, awe and trepidation to elicit unexpected emotions, which you inadvertently perform to onlookers, many of whom are queuing for the ride themselves, curious to discover the secrets of these hidden worlds.

VR Playground is commissioned by Horizon Digital Economy Research, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, and Without Walls. It is supported by Arts Council England and produced by Thrill Laboratory, Horizon Digital Economy Research, and Norfolk & Norwich Festival. To learn more about our partner, please visit the Without Walls website.

Ilford Town Centre, IG1 1LL
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