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Eat It! A fun family exhibition about food

Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 28 December 2019

This summer at Redbridge Museum discover the wonderful world of food!

Have fun down on the Victorian farm, sail your crops to market on the River Roding, eat like Ice Age mammoth, survive wartime rationing and explore food from around the world.

Through interactive displays, puzzles and games, discover the past, present and future of food in Redbridge.

Part of National Park City Festival.

Redbridge Eats Out 

Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 28 December 2019

This small display celebrates Redbridge’s food – from tea parties to takeaways.

Featuring historic photographs, objects and personal stories from the local area, this display will set your stomach rumbling!

Extinction Redbridge

Tuesday 17 December 2019 to Saturday 27 June 2020

Redbridge Museum explores the pressing issue of local climate change in this new display.

From 1970s protests against an Ilford chemical factory to modern campaigns against cars and climate change in Wanstead, the display looks at past and current issues of pollution and waste in Redbridge through objects, photographs and archives from the Museum collection.

Ilford Football Club Heritage Project – can you help?

Redbridge Museum is working with Ilford F.C on an exciting new project about the history of the club. Founded in 1881, Ilford F.C has been one of the most successful amateur clubs in the country.

We would love to hear from anyone with Ilford F.C items or memories. The project will lead to a major exhibition, book and new website, supported by an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please contact Michael Foley, Ilford F.C Chairman via email mj.foley@aol.co.uk or Redbridge museum redbridge.museum@visionrcl.org.uk / 020 8708 2317.