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Winners of Redbridge in Bloom 2023

This year marked the 28th anniversary of our annual amateur gardening competition Redbridge in Bloom, a celebration of community, creativity, and sustainability.

To coincide with the recent crowning of His Royal Highness King Charles III, the theme for this years competition was “A Garden Fit for a King”. An advocate for environmental causes, the monarch serves as a fitting emblem for this year’s theme and the introduction of a new category – Best Sustainable Planet-Friendly Garden Display.

While Redbridge in Bloom has always been a much-anticipated competition, this year is particularly unique. For the first time, the competition saw entries that expanded beyond traditional horticulture to involve community-wide sustainability projects, setting a precedent for future events. The array of entries was nothing short of astonishing, from schools turning their gardens into outdoor ecological classrooms to a pub demonstrating sustainable horticulture and outdoor living spaces.

One of this year’s best front garden winners demonstrating companion planting at its finest

While the event heavily focused on sustainability, it also catered to various gardening interests through various categories. From Best Front Garden to Best Container Garden, each category presented its unique challenges and opportunities. But whether participants were old hands at gardening or were picking up a spade for the first time, there was a unifying thread – each garden was a reflection of personal commitment and communal responsibility.

Celebrating the Winners and Community Achievements

Best Public House Garden

This year’s winner – Best Public House

One establishment stood head and shoulders above the rest in public house gardens—The Prince of Wales. Although it was the sole entrant in this category, the garden showcased there was anything but ordinary. It was a vivid example of how sustainability and aesthetic appeal can coexist beautifully. From the triumphant hanging basket displays to their robust composting system, every element was thoughtfully designed and impeccably maintained.

Best Community Display

Well done Worshipful Co of Weavers

Making their debut in a blaze of glory, the Worshipful Weavers took home the trophy for Best Community Display. Their garden was more than just a feast for the eyes; it was a testament to the extraordinary results achieved when a community collaborates. Rooted in the principles of sustainability and community involvement, their project elegantly combined eye-catching aesthetics with ecological responsibility, perfectly encapsulating the ethos of this year’s Redbridge in Bloom.

Best School Garden Project

Each school in the Best School Gardening Project category uniquely contributed to this year’s Redbridge in Bloom. John Bramston Primary School, led by Melanie Dye, crafted an inspiring project that captured attention. Mayespark Primary School, led by William Ballard, showcased a commitment to inclusivity. Snaresbrook Primary School, led by Lyndsey Clifton, focused on educational elements. Nightingale Primary School, directed by Nadia Binkuweir, received special recognition for their innovative sensory garden. All schools significantly contributed to the event’s community spirit and educational goals.

Best Front and Container Gardens

An immense presentation shared by one of this year’s best container display winners

In the more traditional categories, the competition was innovative. The Best Front Garden entries ranged from modern, minimalist designs to lush, vibrant oases, proving that limited space need not limit creativity. Best Container Garden participants equally demonstrated that ingenuity knows no bounds. From repurposed antique containers to intricately designed vertical gardens, each entry was a testament to human ingenuity and a celebration of horticultural diversity.

Redbridge in Bloom will return again next year, check our webpage for more information during spring 2024.